Rare Dodecahedral Magnetite

Magnetite used to help the Warriors find confidence, courage, and a strengthened willpower. This is why it was used by warriors from various cultures.
It forms when lava cools and so can be found in places that have experienced volcanic eruptions. When it breaks it can produce fragments with amazingly sharp edges. Dodecahedral crystals are rare. These crystals may exhibit interesting combinations of octahedral and dodecahedral faces.


 crystal magnetite

This stone remains timeless! and useful to those who desire the fierce attributes of a true Warrior.

The ancient priests used mirrors made of this rock to foretell the future. They would gaze into the mirror to connect with the spiritual world and look for good omens for their people. Based on these visions it was decided when to plant seeds, harvest or when to go to war. Thousands of Warriors and Kings relied on their priests to guide them in both spiritual and practical ways.


magnetite crystal


Strength & Courage
Ancient warriors used broad clubs that were stubbed along its edges by this magnetite. Accounts by Spanish conquistadors who faced warriors tell that they were able to cut a horse’s head off with one stroke. Combined with the fact that they believed that death on the battlefield secured them eternal bliss, the Warriors proved fierce and deadly opponents.


Priests were very important in the ancient culture, second only to the king. They were keepers of knowledge, famous for their incredible feats in astronomy, astrology and calendar keeping.



Locality - Cerro Huañaquino, Potosí Department, Bolivia

Typically the Magnetite specimens from this locality are closely grown together. The piece has excellent quality, good size, razor sharp, lustrous, black, metallic, octahedra covering the underlying matrix. The largest Magnetite crystal measures 2.2 cm across, which is huge for this locality. There are no other localities producing Magnetites of this quality today, and there are few localities in the world that have ever produced Magnetite like this.
It is sharp and full of luster, and the absence of the typical corroded, oxidized crystals that can sometimes detract.