How We Make These Gold Bracelets?

Handpicked & Handmade. Barely over half of the highest grade beads end up in your bracelet...

It's a Gold Rush

"A gold rush is a discovery of gold that brings an onrush of miners seeking their fortune."

The California Gold Rush of the mid-1800's may be the most famous gold rush, but we've had gold rushes for thousands of years.

The Romans, Egyptians, Malians and Northen Europeans have all experienced major gold rushes. 

This is our own Angelor Design Gold Rush. Blink, and you'll miss your share of the spoils.

Everything we do, the custom sizing and the careful production process, is for the moment you receive your bracelets. So that there is no doubt in your mind about the quality of your bracelets compared to any beaded bracelet you've ever seen before.

So that you will and can wear your unique piece of jewelry with ease - Knowing you have something special around your wrist.

We use only the highest grade 14K gold and stone slabs which we cut and grind into beads.

Of those beads, over 25% are disqualified because the coloring or patterns are below our standard.

Our artisans then handpick the GOLD & STONE beads that show distinct characteristics and colors of that particular gemstone-family. Eliminating another 20% of the beads on average.

Lastly, when stringing your bracelet according to your wrist specifications, our artisans pick stones that match each other in color and pattern and look amazing when combined with our beautifully crafted gold beads.


And this is the result......

'These beads are fantasy! I didn’t expect them to seemingly glow on my wrist, while also providing classic style to wear for any occasion. Thank you Angelor!' said Brown S.

Our sourcing and production process is the reason why so many of our customers say that they receive a lot of positive comments on their bracelets. We even regularly hear the photos on our website don't do our bracelets justice.

Explore all to see which bracelets match your style and taste.