Dapper fashion is an entirely new trend within the men’s fashion industry. Since you’ve only recently started to get the hang of personalizing your ensembles with sophisticated style pieces, the idea of adding men’s accessories into the mix can seem intimidating. You are not alone – men and accessories don’t always mix as effortlessly as it is said. This reference guide will help you decide what men’s accessories to add to your dapper wardrobe.


While we may be biased, our web page is badass. Our site is full of dapper style people just like you have created with our bracelets for men. It’s a great way to see how different pair with different wrist watches and ensembles styles of men’s bracelets.


Learning how to style bracelets for men is as simple as picking one color and building off of it. Again, you’ll exactly know how this works if you follow our website. If you already have a wristwatch, check out the color of the face. If it’s silver, shop men’s bracelets that have silver in them as opposed to gold; if the watch face is colored, find some men’s bracelets that have the same tone. Then, combine it together for an effortless masterpiece.


If you don’t have a luxury wristwatch, now is the time to get one. Not only are they incredibly practical, but they’ll enhance your dapper wardrobe within seconds – pun intended. While you can layer your wrist with all kinds of men’s bracelets, adding a wristwatch will separate the styles and add dimension to the look.


We aren’t saying anything is wrong with wearing sweats but if you want to capitalize on your new sense of dapper style, you need some sophisticated shirts. You can still wear your sweaters and tees, just opt for nicer versions. Think V-Neck tees, cuffed sleeves, collared shirts – you know, the stuff your mom would be proud to see you wearing.

It may sound crazy but your sleeve plays a big part in how to wear men’s accessories. After all, a stained and holey sweater sleeve is never going to look dapper, regardless of the how many Angelor bracelets you have layered on. So, think big picture – or rather, the full sleeve as opposed to just your wrist.


You’ll get a different look with every bracelet you wear. Exotic leather bracelets for men are more luxurious, whereas beaded bracelets for men are a little edgier; leather bracelets are trendy. So, don’t just grab one or two beaded bracelets and leave out the rest. The more you have, the better your sophisticated style will be. Having more accessories for men is always good for men. It means that it’s much easier to pull off a dapper ensemble because you have more than one accessory to work with.

Lastly, know the difference between quality and cheap accessories for men. Like most things in life, not all bracelets for men are created equally. So, definitely pay attention to the quality of your accessories. There’s nothing worse than walking around with cheap, low-grade bracelets for men that reek with tacky nonsense.