If clothing is a cake, jewelry is its icing. Traditionally, men are hesitant to wear jewelry. Bracelets are a stylish option for men’s accessories. It is a breed of jewelry that every man can wear without feeling overdone. If carried properly, bracelets can give you a relaxed, laidback and playful look. Bracelets go with casual as well as formal attire. There are several types of bracelets so; you have to be cautious while choosing a right one for your dress. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind while picking a bracelet.

The top rule for men’s jewelry is to keep things quite simple. You should pick those bracelets that match with your personal style. You have to make sure that your bracelets are not too gaudy or flashy. Wearing jewelry should not be forced. If you want to wear bracelets daily, you should invest only in quality bracelets. Do not be fooled by high price tags as affordable options can also be a great choice. You can buy some quality leather bracelets which are available at cheaper prices.

You should be careful of the style that you want to wear. You should know about your regular accessory need. You should see that the bracelets match well with your existing wardrobe. You have to consider your type of personality and the message you want to convey by your appearance. You have to decide whether you want a biker badass look, a sleek look or a trendsetter look. You should not wear bracelets when you are going for swimming.

Be conscious of your attire. Don’t forget that the role of accessories is to enhance your look. Obviously, your bracelets should match your respective dress codes. Beaded bracelets are great for casual days while gold and silver bracelets are great for dressy attire.

You can wear bracelets in collaboration with a wrist watch. But you should ensure that it accentuates the watch and not overpower it. You should never pair a chunky metal ID bracelet with a watch. They look best when worn solo. Expensive watches do not look good with a cheap steel bracelet. You should look for a high-quality and nicely designed bracelet to pair with.

Summers are best to wear bracelets. You can wear as much bracelet as you like in summer season. If you want to wear a neutral colored leather bracelet, you can combine it with colorful nylon cords.